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With the help of the "Content Locking" feature of Thrive Leads you can lock parts of your content, that can only be unlocked via optin.

So, in other words, you can use a Lead Shortcode on your page or post to hide content from your visitors, and only the ones who fill in your form will be able to access the hidden parts of your content.

Here's a quick video tutorial on how to use the content locking feature in Thrive Leads:

This new feature can be accessed from the Thrive Leads dashboard and this article will explain step-by-step the process for achieving this.

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Set up your Leads Shortcode

First, go to your WordPress admin dashboard, hover your mouse over the "Thrive Dashboard" and then, click on "Thrive Leads":

In this dashboard, scroll down until you find the Leads Shortcode section, and simply add a new shortcode:

We have some dedicated resources available in our knowledge base that explain how to do that, so make sure to check those out:

After you've added your shortcode, activate the toggle under the "Content locking" section:

This will change the functionality of your shortcode and the shortcode itself, and turn it into a content locking one.

Now you can go ahead and click on "Edit" :

And in this new dashboard the opens, add a form, name it, and enter once more the "Edit design" mode:

Customize your Form

This will trigger the Thrive Architect editor, alongside a template library that you can browse and pick the best template for your form:

The template is fully customizable, so you can change the currently existing text and images in order to inform your visitors that by signing up through this form they will be able to unlock the content that is currently hidden.

Below is an example of how we changed the text and image from the template, in order to convey this message to anyone who is trying to view the locked content:

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